Section 58

Section 58 facility: 

The work of Streets of Hope began April of 2002, and it was officially registered as a non-profit organization in both Kenya and the United States in 2004. The first structure to be erected was that of Section 58. Originally it was to be a 14 ft. by 20 ft. single-story building to be used as a soup kitchen. But with each new day during construction another new idea presented itself. It started as a kitchen. Then the idea that toilets might be good came into play. The next thought was addressing the children’s hygiene so showers were added to the plans. Finally came the classrooms and what had started out as a lunch program God had transformed into what is now Streets of Hope. After a time of rehabilitation, the boys are moved from satellite facilities to Section 58 which is the main site for Streets of Hope. The move to the Section 58 facility is the second stage of the Streets of Hope program, one the boys all look forward to. It is home to 33 boys.


Section 58 is our main base at Streets of Hope.
It is the second stage of the program and one the boys look forward to.

Isaac's Story

Through Streets of Hope, God moved Isaac from a place of despair and hopelessness on the streets to a life of hope and anticipation for a bright future. Isaac now has a deep desire to help others as he has been helped.

Hear his story

Acrobatic Act

Watch the Section 58 Acrobats perform their amazing routine. They are trained by a professional acrobat who once was a street boy himself.

Voices singing

Hear the boys of Section 58 sing a worship song during a Streets of Hope gathering.


House father to 33 boys, Ephraim Karunga cares for the boys at Section 58.


Teresia serves as the cook and house mom