Naka Satellite Home

Boys just off the streets of Nakuru come to Naka Satellite to begin their rehabilitation process. Their time living at Naka is the first stage of the Streets of Hope program and boys can remain at Naka for up to a few years. When they are far enough along in the rehabilitation process, they move to the Section 58 main site.
In January of 2012, the 22 boys at Naka were able to join formal school after 8 months of rehabilitation and home-based school. In the words of the boy’s house father, John, “The boys were too excited about the fulfillment of the promise of taking them back to school.” The Naka boys expressed their gratitude by cleaning the compound of an elderly woman who was sick in the neighborhood.
The boys at Naka continue to improve in their academics. During the last school year, 19 boys made it in the top 10 in their class and the 3 who were not a part of that group are showing great improvement!   2 of the Naka boys were also able to move to the main site, Section 58, making the number of boys at Naka now 20.   Naka has a very able drama/poetry/music team. The boys enjoy using their talents.


The first stage of the Streets of Hope program, Naka is one of our satellite sites. The boys come to Naka right off the streets and begin their time of rehabilitation.

Moses’ Story

After Moses’ mother died from disease and his father was killed by robbers, he began living with his grandmother. After a short while, she too died. Moses then went to live with his Aunt, who due to financial difficulty, was unable to provide enough food for Moses. Experiencing so much loss, Moses was without hope until he came to Streets of Hope. Hear from Moses about the hope he now has for his future.

Poem Recitation

The boys of Naka perform a poem depicting one group of boys convincing another group of street boys to come to Streets of Hope and find hope for their future.

John Kimani - CareGiver.Home Parent Naka Satellite

John Kimani

House father to 22 boys, John (Kim) is a great encouragement and inspiration to the boys at Naka.

Martha Kiprop - Cook Naka Satellite


Martha serves and cares for the boys of Naka as house mom. She cooks them nutritious meals.