Mwariki Satellite Home

Mwariki Satellite (Debbie Miller Memorial Home) is a home for 30 boys who were taken from a life living at the dump in Nakuru. They will stay at the Mwariki satellite for up to a few years until they are far enough along in the rehabilitation process to move to the Section 58 main site.
After 10 months of rehabilitation and home-based schooling, the Mwariki boys were able to join formal school. The boys were placed in different classes as recommended by the home-based teacher. Within a short time of being in school, the academic performance and discipline of the children is commendable.
House father, Pastor Japheth Kioko takes the boys through bible study and 3 boys have joined a class preparing for baptism. The transforming work of Christ is evident in their hearts and lives as they leave behind old, destructive behaviors such as fights, abusive language and stealing. Their transformation is miraculous and joyous to watch.


The first stage of the Streets of Hope program, Mwariki is one of our satellite sites. The boys at Mwariki were living in the dump before being brought into the Streets of Hope program.

Collins Kibet

Collin’s Story

Collins was born and raised in the Giotto slums of Nakuru, Kenya. He knows nothing of his father and was raised by his mother who made money brewing and selling a cheap wash-tub alcohol. When Collins was 12 his mother ran him out of the house- “like an animal” as he puts it. With nowhere to go he became a street boy, sleeping in vacant lots, on the street, and at the dump. His meals consisted mainly of food scraps he gleaned from the dump. He also collected whatever objects he thought he could sell while foraging. Although he continually sought odd jobs, it never worked out for him.
Collins was brought to the attention of the local authorities who brought Collins to Streets of Hope. It’s for boys like Collins that Streets of Hope exists. He was admitted into the program and now lives at our Mwariki home, fully determined to change the course of his life. His humility and hard-work are inspiring. He never again wants to be faced with the reality he had where in his words he describes: “I ate and slept with pigs.”

Pastor Japheth Kioko - Caregiver.Home Parent Mwariki Satellite

Pastor Japheth

House father to 30 the boys of Mwariki, lives there with his wife and two children.

Emily Cherono - Cook Mwariki Satellite


Emily has been serving and caring for the boys of Mwaiki since June 2011 as house mom and cook.