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Naka Satellite

Naka Satellite is a home for 22 boys. The 2 satellite sites (Naka and Mwariki) are where the boys come right off the streets and begin the rehabilitation process. The current group of boys at Naka are in their second year of being there, are doing well in school and enjoy performing skits and songs.

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Mwariki Satellite

Mwariki Satellite (Debbie Miller Memorial Home) is a home for 30 boys taken out of the dump in 2011. The boys are rehabilitating well and are enjoying attending school.

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Section 58

Sec 58

Section 58 is the main base for Streets of Hope. There are currently 33 boys living at Section 58. They are excelling in their studies and are encouraged to use their talents and gifts. The boys sing, recite poetry and some participate in an acrobatic act.

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Streams of Hope High School


In Kenya, students must pay tuition for any schooling beyond eighth grade. With dozens of our boys reaching their teens, sending our older boys through high school at a boarding school was cost prohibitive, so we built our own high school for grades 9-12. Our boys scored so well on their standardized tests, that people in the community began asking to send their sons to high school at our school. We now have 110 students at Streams of Hope High school, 34 being youth from Streets of Hope and 80 being students from the community.

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