Our Story

Children Without Hope


Streets of Hope, founded in 2002, is an organization devoted to caring for children forced to fend for themselves on the street. Many of these children are under the age of ten and have lost their parents to the ever-increasing problem of AIDS. Others are homeless due to extreme poverty. These children believe they will never have a job, a home, a spouse, or children of their own. Every last dream of a normal life has been stolen from them. Effective programs to assist these children are rare. Their diets consist of scraps they find in dumpsters or scrounge from the local dump. They survive by whatever means they can.

Street children in Kenya number in the thousands and the majority of homeless children are boys. It’s believed that boys stand a better chance of survival, so if a family is destitute, they may eject a boy from their home, forcing him to fend for himself on the street. Without the provisions of charitable organizations like Streets of Hope, these children have no hope in life. Through the generosity of caring people, Jesus Christ is providing the resources these children need to experience the life God intended for them.

Our Beginning

After witnessing the atrocity of children suffering on the streets while visiting Kenya, the children’s cries for help reached deep. Streets of Hope started with the idea of opening a soup kitchen in Nakuru, Kenya, where hungry street children could get at least one nutritious meal a day. The African Inland Church-Section 58 Nakuru heard of the idea for a soup kitchen and offered a plot of land where we could build a small facility, at no charge. The church body would also work with the children when they came for their noontime meal. The proposal was clearly God ordained. The children would have their bodies AND spirits fed at the same time. An architect was hired to draw up the plans. With all the excitement, the meal program got underway before the ground was even broken for the soup kitchen. A small make-shift bungalow/kitchen was erected and the two women were hired to do the cooking. Within one week, we had gone from a simple idea to an official Christ-based mission.

Soon over a hundred street boys were showing up for lunch. After the third week, they had complete confidence in us. 24 of the boys, no longer wanting to spend their nights in town, asked if they could sleep on the grounds. Another temporary shack was erected where the boys could sleep until construction was completed. The blue prints were revised to include bathrooms, showers, and sleeping quarters. When Streets of Hope learned that the boys would be allowed to re-enroll in the Kenyan school system if they could be educated back to their respective grade levels the blueprints were once again revised to include classrooms along with the living quarters. A third tempo-rary structure was erected and a teacher hired in the meantime.

In 2003, the main site, Section 58, was completed. It has since expanded to include 2 satellite facilities and a boys boarding High School. What started as a soup kitchen, God has grown into a ministry that provides a home, food, education, Christ-centered spiritual guid-ance, medical care and HOPE for over 100 boys.

original soup kitchen and sleeping rooms
Sec 58